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 [JM] Japanese movie next for Kim Kang-woo

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PostSubject: [JM] Japanese movie next for Kim Kang-woo   Sat Aug 13, 2011 11:08 pm

Japanese movie next for Kim Kang-woo

Kim Kang-woo (Story of a Man, Invincible) is taking on a Japanese film for his next project, a spy-police thriller called Gaiji Keisatsu or Foreign Affairs Police, which is an adaptation of a Japanese drama from 2009 of the same name.

The 6-episode NHK drama starred Watabe Atsuro and Ishida Yuriko, and was about an elite, top-secret division of the police. Called “spy hunters,” the officers of that unit deal with international terrorism and espionage. The film is bringing back the whole cast of the TV series, including leads Watabe and Ishida, which ought to please fans. (I wish more Korean dramas did this — and did them well, ’cause a half-assed re-edit of a drama doesn’t count — because sometimes you just want more.) Kim Kang-woo will play a South Korean agent who’ll face off against Watabe.

Kim can thank his two recent projects Story of a Man and Invincible for this opportunity abroad, since they’ve earned him a bit of a following in Japan. It’s been a while since he’s taken on something lighter-hearted, but since I loved him being a twisted evil mastermind in Story of a Man, I’m all for him taking on more suspense thrillers (although I think he’d be hilarious as the dry straight man in a comedy).

As for his next Korean project, Kim is slated to act in director Im Sang-soo’s new film Taste of Money, the sorta-not-really follow-up to The Housemaid.

Via Yonhap News
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[JM] Japanese movie next for Kim Kang-woo
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