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 [KA] Choi Ji-woo back in dramaland as a lawyer

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PostSubject: [KA] Choi Ji-woo back in dramaland as a lawyer   Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:18 pm

Choi Ji-woo back in dramaland as a lawyer

Choi Ji-woo, the actress whose face practically
defines Hallyu (along with, oh, Lee Young-ae and Bae Yong-joon and a
handful of others), has announced her next drama. (Well, again. She’d
announced a different drama comeback earlier this year.)
It’ll be an MBC series to air later this summer, titled (for now) Can’t Lose.
She stars as one-half of a lawyer couple in the midst of divorce (what
is it with drama divorcées these days? They’re the new careerwoman, who
were the new Candys, who were the new Cinderellas), with events
unfolding with a “warm, light touch.”
Choi’s Eun-jae character is a skilled, tough lawyer, described by
Choi as “charming and lovable.” Now the question is: Who plays hubby
dearest? Reports hint that there’s another popular Hallyu star being
courted to play the male lead, who’s in the latter stages of the casting
process. If he’s on a similar level (and age range) as Choi, that
leaves a pretty finite list of possibilities, although it seems that
every day another actor gets to stretch the term and call himself a
budding Hallyu star. Hmm… Song Seung-heon? Jung Woo-sung? Kwon Sang-woo?

The drama will follow current Wednesday-Thursday series You’ve Fallen For Me, and premieres in August.

Via Star News
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[KA] Choi Ji-woo back in dramaland as a lawyer
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