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 [KA] Han Ye-seul in action as Myung-wol the Spy

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PostSubject: [KA] Han Ye-seul in action as Myung-wol the Spy   Sun Jul 03, 2011 8:47 pm

Han Ye-seul in action as Myung-wol the Spy

Well, we’ve seen Han Ye-seul being comical and co-star Eric all sparkled up as a Hallyu singer-actor, which takes care of the “com” part of Myung-wol the Spy’s action-rom-com designation.
In these new stills, we see the action side, with Myung-wol being an
elite agent from the North who infiltrates the South on a mission. Her
orders: Capture Kang-woo (Eric) and take him back with her to North
Korea. If only love didn’t complicate everything, ’cause she falls for
him and that, needless to say, puts a wrinkle in her plans.

Another complication? A second spy, played by Birdie Buddy and Royal Family’s Lee Da-hee (pictured at bottom, not to be confused with Miss Ripley’s
Lee Da-hae). She’s on the other side as a dogged South Korean agent who
investigates Kang-woo persistently. Now I’m curious as to what Mr. Big
Shot has been doing to attract such attention — and how the two ladies
are going to try to claim him to their sides. Disguises? Flattery? A
Myung-wol the Spy premieres on July 11.

Via Newsen
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[KA] Han Ye-seul in action as Myung-wol the Spy
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