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 [KD] City Hunter: Episode 3

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PostSubject: [KD] City Hunter: Episode 3   Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:33 pm

City Hunter: Episode 3

Ahh, my initial liking for City Hunter just bloomed
into love. It’s slickly packaged, yet manages to keep a sense of heart.
That’s not easy to accomplish — and to make that feel so effortless on
top of it all is impressive.
On top of that, I’m in love with the tone of this drama. Somehow, its
dramatic moments manage to be dramatic without going too far, and
that’s key. When a drama overdoes the grand, stately moments, it can
often seem bombastic or, worse, cheesy. City Hunter manages to walk that line skillfully.

Episode 3 RECAP:
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[KD] City Hunter: Episode 3
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