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 [KA] Jae Hee (finally!) back with new drama

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PostSubject: [KA] Jae Hee (finally!) back with new drama   Sat May 28, 2011 9:39 pm

Jae Hee (finally!) back with new drama

Jae Hee is back! YESSSSSSSS!!
The drama is an MBC weekend dealio called Hooray For Love, which appears to be the same drama previously referred to as She Never Loses, starring Lee Bo-young (Birth of the Rich). She plays Kang Jae-mi, divorcée who overcomes obstacles in the basic Candy-esque narrative trajectory.
Jae Hee will play Byun Dong-woo, a man with a well-to-do background,
good looks, a stable job as a lawyer and good manners to boot, making
him the perfect man…on the outside. That’s till you get a little closer
and realize that he’s got some flaws, like the fact that he’s a total
playboy. He’s also described as Jae-mi’s old enemy, who gets hired to
invalidate Jae-mi’s divorce (presumably by her ex-husband). As her
success story unfolds, Dong-woo becomes one of her solid supporters —
and, of course, love interests.
Naturally, we need another lead to fill out our requisite love triangle, and it comes in the form of Jung Seok-won, who played the rival judo athlete and friend to the hero in last year’s Dr. Champ.
He plays Lee Bo-young’s first husband here, described as a loser who
betrays his wife (and hence the divorce). Clearly he’s not ready to give
up on her just yet, so it oughtta be fun to watch the two boys in a
showdown once Dong-woo realizes he’s fighting on the wrong side. (Now
that I think about it, the whole lawyer angle is probably breaking a
million rules of business ethics, but hey, this is a K-drama and we’re
talking about a love story! What’s a little thing like ethics?)

Jung Seok-won
Jae Hee said, “Since this is my first project after army service, I
deliberated a lot and felt some pressure, but I was drawn to this Byun
Dong-woo character. He has a multi-faceted personality and seems
perfect, but isn’t quite there, and also has a quirky and cute side to
him. I feel like I’ll be able to show a slightly different side to
myself than I’ve shown before, which excites me.”
Hooray For Love is a weekend drama, which is not my usual
cup of tea, mostly due to the length of most weekend series. On the
other hand, this is Jae Hee! Back after three years! He’s one of those
actors I fell completely in love with (I mean talent-wise, though he
ain’t hard on the eyes, either), but who hasn’t really lived up to his
full potential, either through bad choices or long hiatuses between
projects. I think he was at his best in 2004 and 2005, when he was
intense and a little ominous in Kim Ki-duk’s 3-Iron, then completely hilarious and heartfelt in Delightful Girl Chun-hyang. He hasn’t been that good since, having done lackluster dramas like Witch Amusement and Three Dads, One Mom.
(Please, please, let this drama be a good one! I need my Jae Hee fix. There’s only so many times I can watch Chun-hyang.)
The producers involved are PD Ji Sung-woo of Gold Fish and Chun-ja’s Happy Events and Park Hyun-joo, writer of My Precious You and Golden Bride. Hooray For Love will follow Can You Hear My Heart? and premieres in July.

Lee Bo-young

Via Hankyung
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[KA] Jae Hee (finally!) back with new drama
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