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 [JD] Japan Box Office Report – May 7th/8th

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PostSubject: [JD] Japan Box Office Report – May 7th/8th   Mon May 09, 2011 8:38 am

The live-action adaption of Ishidzuka Shinichi’s best-selling manga “Gaku“, starring Oguri Shun and Nagasawa Masami, managed to capture the hearts of many mountain-lovers across the nation. It opened on 315 screens and was able to attract a lot of people, making it the most successful movie of the past weekend. In total, 208,416 people went to see the movie, resulting in a revenue of 265 million Yen (3.28 million USD).

Consequentially, “Detective Conan” and “GANTZ PERFECT ANSWER” had to step down one place each, but both continue to stay successful with unbroken popularity. Inoue Mao’s “Youkame no Semi” was able to climb up the mountain called box office chart by one place, coming in fourth this weekend. “Crayon Shin-chan” dropped down to the fifth place. This means that the top 5 only contains native Japanese movies this time.

The second new entry besides “Gaku” was the new film starring Liam Neeson, “UNKNOWN“, on the eight place.

Don’t forget to check out the trailers of the Japanese movies that opened this weekend below!



Japanese movies that opened last weekend:

“Gaku” (Drama, Youth) – Cast: Oguri Shun, Nagasawa Masami, Sasaki Kuranosuke and more

“Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo” (Anime, Youth) – Directed by Shinkai Makoto

“Lupin no Kigan Shiro” (Drama) – Cast: Yamadera Kouichi, Iwata Sayuri and more

“Koge Onna, Warau” (Drama, Love) – Cast: Arai Miho, Takagi Kosuke, Yokoe Tomoko and more

Credits: Tokyo Hive


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[JD] Japan Box Office Report – May 7th/8th
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