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 [KD] City Hunter holds its first script rehearsal

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PostSubject: [KD] City Hunter holds its first script rehearsal   Wed Mar 16, 2011 12:26 am

City Hunter holds its first script rehearsal

City Hunter is finally under way with its first
rehearsals, as we see in the new photos from the drama’s March 14 script
reading, featuring the leads Lee Min-ho (Personal Taste), Park Min-young (Sungkyunkwan Scandal), Lee Jun-hyuk (Three Brothers), and idol starlet Gu Hara in her drama debut.
The reading was held at SBS’s Ilsan Production Center rehearsal hall
and went on for three hours, though the three main leads reportedly
stuck around afterwards to continue amongst themselves. Lee Min-ho plays
an MIT-educated international-communications team member at the Blue
House (so, sharp and smart), while Park Min-young is a former judo
player turned bodyguard (uhhh…). Lee Jun-hyuk is an elite prosecutor
(ho-hum), while Gu Hara plays the president’s daughter (question mark?).

Mostly, what I get from this assemblage is that this cast is skewing
really… young. Young isn’t bad; it’s just… young. (Their ages are, in
the above order: 23, 25, 27, and 20.) I wonder how believable they’ll be
as professionals working in the Blue House. Second of all, and perhaps
more bothersome, is that this setup seems an awful lot like KBS’s Rivals,
which (1) had a similar bodyguards-protecting-the-president’s-spawn
storyline, (2) had better actors (Lee Jong-hyuk! Chae Rim!), but (3) was
still utterly boring. Eep.
Directing City Hunter is PD Jin Hyuk, who brought success to trendy dramas Brilliant Legacy and Prosecutor Princess, and writing is Hwang Eun-kyung, who had a successful drama in the medical series New Heart and a more contentious run as the first writer for Daemul before being replaced.
City Hunter premieres May 25 on SBS. Lee Min-ho’s about to get very busy, and heads for Thailand on the 20th for location shoots.

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[KD] City Hunter holds its first script rehearsal
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