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 [KD] First stills from Take Care of Us, Captain

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PostSubject: [KD] First stills from Take Care of Us, Captain   Wed Nov 02, 2011 12:39 am

First stills from Take Care of Us, Captain

The first stills are out from Take Care of Us, Captain, starring Ji Jin-hee
as an airline pilot, which began its shoots on October 30 in Incheon. I
do wish the stills told us more about the show, and they’re not even
set in the drama’s airport milieu. But I suppose that’s the nature of
teaser stills, made to keep us guessing.

The story follows the growth of his smart, enthusiastic young co-pilot, played by Gu Hye-sun.
In Gu’s stills, her character Da-ji is looking at her younger sister
Da-yeon in her kindergarten class, gazing on fondly as the doting unni.

Meanwhile, Ji Jin-hee’s scene was shot at a department store,
sporting his “perpetual poker face” as the titular captain, Kim
Yoon-sung. Aw, I’ll miss his lighter, playful side, which we saw in his
two recent projects, Dong Yi and The Man Who Can’t Marry.

Lee Chun-hee, taking on his first drama since his
marriage, plays an air traffic controller who gets caught up in a love
triangle with the other two. His scene takes place at the early-morning
marketplace. Because all air traffic controllers gotta eat?

Take Care of Us, Captain replaces Tree With Deep Roots on Wednesdays and Thursdays and premieres on January 4.

Via My Daily
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[KD] First stills from Take Care of Us, Captain
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