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 [KM] You’re My Pet releases yet another saucy poster

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PostSubject: [KM] You’re My Pet releases yet another saucy poster   Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:11 pm

You’re My Pet releases yet another saucy poster

Another poster for You’re My Pet! To be honest, I’m not even that excited about this movie (it looks super-cute and fluffy, but I have no great expectations of it), but they do have some pretty eye-catching promotional materials. Kudos to the marketing team, you get a cookie.

In the latest one, the tagline reads, “The longer you raise him, the more exciting it gets!” The word raise, of course, refers to the conceit of Jang Geun-seok being Kim Haneul’s human “pet” in the movie, which leads to hijinks and romance. In the poster, Jang leans forward, as though to, uh, taste Kim’s (cookie) stick. And no, that’s not as dirty as it sounds. As her pet, he’s probably just trying to snatch a bite of her food like every overeager puppy in the world, right? I’m sure that’s what the producers meant. Uh huh.

The movie, which seems like it’s been filming forever, will finally release in November.

Via NTN Seoul
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[KM] You’re My Pet releases yet another saucy poster
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