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 [KD] Myung-wol the Spy unable to complete shoot, to air special

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PostSubject: [KD] Myung-wol the Spy unable to complete shoot, to air special   Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:55 am

Myung-wol the Spy unable to complete shoot, to air special

Oy vey. The reports are conflicting, the response is growing heated, and confusion abounds over the immediate fate of Myung-wol the Spy, which was thrown into chaos over the weekend when its star, Han Ye-seul, didn’t appear for her scheduled shoots.

The trouble began on Saturday the 14th when Han, who was scheduled
for an early morning shoot, didn’t appear. Her side seemed as confused
as everyone else, and stated that the shoots had gone so far into the
night that she only had two hours after being released before her next
day’s call time. Then stories emerged that Han and the PD, Hwang In-hyuk,
have been at odds since the very start, which has only grown more
contentious as filming went on. They’d fought fiercely on set earlier in
the week, and Han had repeatedly requested a PD switch. A new PD was
brought onboard but PD Hwang remained, which appears to have been a
halfhearted non-attempt to appease her.

According to a production rep, Han expressed her problems with the
schedule, and when those differences were not resolved, told the
director that she wouldn’t make the Saturday shoot. The explanation was
her ill health due to the shooting schedule, but apparently the crew
still expected her, and the cast was in standby mode until shooting was
eventually cancelled.

Han didn’t shoot on the 15th, either, and with the drama up to its
neck in live shoots, that left the show with only 40% of its scenes shot
for this coming week. KBS and the producers met on Sunday for emergency
meetings to try to resolve the conflict, but ultimately the show was
too far behind and they decided to go with the time-honored solution to
many a last-minute broadcasting emergency: a special episode, whipped up
to fill the timeslot.

That’s the plan for Monday; producers are still not sure what to do with Tuesday’s broadcast.

Okay, so those are the facts. To be honest, this story doesn’t add up
for me, which is why I hesitate to make any declarations. I recall that
Han had made the request before the drama began that the shoots adopt a
less killer schedule, along the lines of a five-day workweek. Those
rumors faded once the drama got under way, which suggests that she found
a way to reconcile herself with the schedule. Or perhaps (and now I
speculate) she was assured of a lighter load, only to be worked to the
bone anyway.

I do think that Han’s behavior is clearly unprofessional, but because
of the way this story has been reported and sensationalized in the past
day, I’m not ready to condemn her yet. She would have to know how
damaging to her image it would be to refuse to shoot — and she’s already
getting lots of heat from netizens — so I wonder how bad it must be for
her to risk it anyway. Then again, maybe she didn’t think. Who knows
what the real story is?

As we know, the K-drama live-shoot system
is hectic, possibly dangerous, and definitely crazy. It’s flawed, but
as long as productions believe that the rewards (freedom to adjust on
the fly, cater to ratings) outweigh the costs, they’ll keep doing it as
long as they can get away with it. But one can’t help but wonder when
the broadcasters will get sick enough of the madness to impose some
rules from the top down to create some safety nets. In the case of Myung-wol the Spy,
it’s one actress refusing to shoot, but in other cases, a delay of just
a day or two from accidents and injuries can take a drama off the air
(see: Boys Before Flowers, You’ve Fallen For Me). Surely we need more buffer time than that.

If Myung-wol fails to air this week, on the upside (glass half full!), perhaps they won’t need their two-episode extension after all. The story doesn’t need the extension, and it was more out of consideration for follow-up drama Poseidon than for Myung-wol anyway. If Myung-wol resumes broadcasting next week, it can end with Episode 16 and still let Poseidon premiere as scheduled.

There, I turned that frown upside-down. It’s sort of a twisted grimace, but hey, it’s not ALL bad news, right?

(Also: I say this because of the massive derail in the thread below,
but let me just remind you to please, please keep things civil.
Arguments fine, attacks not fine. Don’t make me come over there.)

Via Star News, TV Report

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[KD] Myung-wol the Spy unable to complete shoot, to air special
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