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 [KD] Siwon tweets from Poseidon shoot

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PostSubject: [KD] Siwon tweets from Poseidon shoot   Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:54 am

Siwon tweets from Poseidon shoot

Admittedly, this isn’t much in the way of news or updates on Poseidon, which hasn’t released very much info since finalizing its cast v.2.0. But at least it’s something — series lead Choi Siwon tweeted the above photo on the 15th, alongside comedian and Poseidon co-star Park Sung-kwang, to congratulate the latter on his birthday.

His message read, “I’m in the middle of filming. Sung-kwang hyung is
spending his birthday filming his first drama. Happy birthday, hyung.”
They’re pictured at the beach, which makes sense given Poseidon’s
police-at-sea premise, although I’m less sure that the drama can vouch
for those outfits. (Perhaps they’re enjoying some downtime?) Hey, I’ve
got nothing against cops in flowery board shorts — I’m just not sure I
see an elite unit of counterterrorist agents ready to report for duty
wearing them. Unless…I’m finally getting my half-nekkid volleyball
scene? Is it MY birthday?

Poseidon has weathered some tough setbacks, including an
entire cast replacement, but has secured new actors and is busily
prepping for its premiere next month. Currently, the drama is slated to
air its first episode on September 19, two weeks after Myung-wol the Spy wraps and one week after the Chuseok holiday week. That is, if Myung-wol can somehow manage to finish its run, in light of its current production problems.

Via TV Report

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[KD] Siwon tweets from Poseidon shoot
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