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 [KD] Man of Honor casts second leads

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PostSubject: [KD] Man of Honor casts second leads   Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:26 am

Man of Honor casts second leads

Upcoming drama Man of Honor (also Young-kwang’s Jae-in, in the puntastic version), starring Park Min-young and Chun Jung-myung has cast its second leads to round out the main cast. ‘Cause yunno, it can’t be a k-drama without a love square. Lee Jang-woo (Smile, Donghae) and Lee Jin (Hon, Hometown of Legends, also of ye olden k-pop group FinKL) will be rivals and love interests to complicate things, and keep Man from Honor. Or is it the other way around?

The highly anticipated comeback drama by the writer-PD combo behind Baker King Kim Tak-gu
is described as a Romeo and Juliet story about young people who
overcome their fates to journey toward their dreams. Chun Jung-myung
will be playing a second-string baseball player, while Lee Jang-woo
plays the first-string, better, richer rival.

He’ll be competing with the hero in baseball and in love, as they vie
for Park Min-young’s affections when they both end up in the hospital
for injuries where Park plays a young nurse’s aide. The second lead, Seo
Inwoo, is described as a cynical and prickly young heir, set to inherit
his father’s clothing company someday. After his pro baseball career?
So basically, he’s the golden boy, while Chun’s character Young-kwang is
the struggling underdog, described as the type of guy who is confident
and talks a big game, despite being an innocent kid.

Lee Jin has been cast as the rival to Park Min-young’s Jae-in, and
she’ll be returning to television after a two-year hiatus to play the
frank and easygoing Cha Hong-joo. She’s a designer, which will probably
connect her to Lee Jang-woo’s character through work, and though the
reason isn’t described, she feels competitive with the poor but plucky
heroine. Because it’s the law of kdramas? Because otherwise you won’t do
things to sabotage her budding romance with the honorable Romeo?
Because her pert and bouncy hair makes you angry?

I’d almost rather they go all the way with one concept, like the
baseball thing, and just turn it into a sports drama. Why does there
have to be a chaebol and a clothing company? We could bring back the old
school sports drama. We could have another Last Match! C’mon, you made an entire drama about baking, for pete’s sake. Bring back the sports drama. You know you want to!

Man of Honor follows The Princess’s Man and premieres October 12 on KBS.

Via Osen 1, 2

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[KD] Man of Honor casts second leads
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