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 [KA] Hong Soo-hyun fractures rib in car accident

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PostSubject: [KA] Hong Soo-hyun fractures rib in car accident   Sun Aug 07, 2011 8:28 pm

Hong Soo-hyun fractures rib in car accident

Cripes, another accident in dramaland. This time it’s Hong Soo-hyun, the actress who recently thwarted Yoon Eun-hye’s every turn as bitchy So-ran in Lie To Me, who’s currently starring as a princess (and Moon Chae-won’s cousin) in the premium sageuk The Princess’s Man.

According to Hong’s management company, Keyeast, the car accident
occurred in the wee hours of August 5, on the Gyeongbuk expressway at
approximately 4am. In the dark night, Hong’s vehicle was rounding a
curve and couldn’t see the car that had stopped in the road, possibly
from a prior accident, and resulted in a head-on collision. Hong’s car
was completely totaled.

The actress is currently being treated for injuries at the hospital,
which sound substantial; for now, it’s been confirmed that she has
fractured a rib, and her manager went into surgery for a serious arm

As for her drama, it’s yet unclear how much the accident will affect
the schedule. Hong hasn’t completed shooting her scenes for next week’s
two episodes, and although the actress herself is reportedly insistent
on being able to get back to work right away, some reports state that
her condition is severe enough that she’s having trouble merely moving.

What’s especially crazy is that, according to one source, Hong had
been checked out of the hospital after receiving “basic treatment,” then
was given the okay to go home, but readmitted herself after the
aftereffects kicked in and the pain increased. It was then that
they realized she’d fractured a rib, which leads me to ask: What the
hell kind of crackpot hospital misses a cracked rib? I’d like to know,
and not just as a hypothetical, because I wanna make a note never to go
there. It also bespeaks the craziness of the “must get back to work”
mentality of dramas, where productions are so crunched for time that
actors involved in major accidents jump right back to work with broken
bones. It’s understandable that the production would feel panicked and
stressed, but come on. There comes a point when you stop and say, Hey, maybe this isn’t healthy. Yeesh.

I’m gonna say it’s a pretty tall order to get Hong back in acting form in a few days’ time, so there’s a chance that The Princess’s Man, which stepped into the #1 ratings slot after City Hunter
bowed out, may be pre-empted next week. It’s a bummer for Hong, who’s
been enjoying a revitalized career with this new drama, where she plays a
cool, haughty princess with aplomb. But, yunno, there are more
important things than dramas airing on time.

Hong Soo-hyun in The Princess’s Man

Via NTN Seoul

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[KA] Hong Soo-hyun fractures rib in car accident
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