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 [KM] Sneak peek at Jeon Do-yeon’s Countdown

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PostSubject: [KM] Sneak peek at Jeon Do-yeon’s Countdown   Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:11 am

Sneak peek at Jeon Do-yeon’s Countdown

So there are a lot of big movies coming this fall, but this is one
that I’ve been eagerly anticipating, and the trailer does not
disappoint. Countdown looks slick, sexy, and badass. Just a straight-up con job with two awesome actors? What’s not to love about that? Jeon Do-yeon (The Housemaid) stars as a mysterious con-artist whose entire existence is a lie, and when she steals from the wrong person, Jung Jae-young (Moss) is the man hired to find her.

She’s a million-dollar grifter who goes by the nickname Miss
Chun-hyang, which is the height of irony of course, since Chun-hyang is a
legendary figure known for her virtue. He’s a bounty hunter with a
hundred percent success rate in finding his mark, but when he tracks her
down (for managing to steal 170 million won in 30 minutes), she seems
to think it’s lucky, since she happens to need some help in tracking
someone down…

I love how she looks totally different in every scene. It’s like a
Sydney Bristow parade of wigs. Is it wrong if I already want her to con
the hell out of everybody and walk away with the millions? What is it
about a really smart thief that’s so engrossing? Her cons are described
as legendary works of art, which excites me, since that’s the aspect of
heist/con movies that I love so much.

His poster’s tagline reads: “What timing… this man came by his own
two feet,” while hers reads: “Of all people… my life is in this woman’s

Countdown hits theaters this September.


Via My Daily

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[KM] Sneak peek at Jeon Do-yeon’s Countdown
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