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 [KA] Uee: Acting, singing… “Every day is a blessing!”

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PostSubject: [KA] Uee: Acting, singing… “Every day is a blessing!”   Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:04 am

Uee: Acting, singing… “Every day is a blessing!”

This girl used to make my blood boil. She was so good at her evil
eye rolling (Korean actresses seem to have a knack for this) as the
bratty pop star in You’re Beautiful that at times I wondered if her eyes would permanently roll back into her skull. However, the much-delayed Birdie Buddy, which has been talked about airing forever, may put her in a more favorable light for me.

Uee recently stated how happy she is these days
because she feels as though she is doing everything to the best of her
abilities. The singer-turned-actress can’t seem to hide her excitement
lately over her budding acting career. She has several projects going to
keep her busy, with not one but two dramas (the other one is weekend
show Ojakkyo Brothers, formerly Golden Pond).

Recently, at the Birdie Buddy press conference on the 27th,
Uee revealed how excited she was that the tvN drama would finally see
the light of day. The drama started filming in March 2010, and after
nine months of filming, was kept from airing for a whole year due to
problems getting picked up by the broadcasting networks. The actress
stated that even though she wasn’t nervous about the eventual outcome of
the premiere, she still finds it very exciting that it’ll finally air.

In Birdie Buddy, Uee plays a rookie golf player, Song
Mi-soo. Her character comes from a humble background in the countryside
who dreams of becoming a professional golf player. Even though this is
Uee’s third drama (after playing supporting characters in Queen Seon-deok and You’re Beautiful),
this will be her first playing the main character; therefore the
pressure and the expectations of her acting abilities are higher.

However, “More so than being nervous, all I felt was the
determination to do well” was her motto for this drama. Uee said she has
learned a lot during the filming of the drama from the other actors,
directors and writers. When asked how she would rate her own
performance, Uee replied that since her acting career is still in its
infant stages, it’s hard to put score to her abilities. However, if she
had to say, she would give herself around 30 points, as she’s still in
the learning stages in the drama world.

Birdie Buddy will finally air in August on tvN after the finale of its currently airing drama, I Need Romance.

Although I will definitely miss watching the three ladies wreak havoc within their love lives in I Need Romance,
I’m cautiously anticipating Uee’s new drama since the anticipation has
been so built up. Perhaps I’ll find her redeeming herself after being
so bratty in her previous drama… Stay tuned.

Via E Daily

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[KA] Uee: Acting, singing… “Every day is a blessing!”
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