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 [KA] Chun Jung-myung confirmed for Man of Honor

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PostSubject: [KA] Chun Jung-myung confirmed for Man of Honor   Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:54 am

Chun Jung-myung confirmed for Man of Honor

First it was a rumor, and now it’s confirmed: Chun Jung-myung (The Duo, Cinderella’s Sister) has indeed been cast alongside Park Min-young (City Hunter, Sungkyunkwan Scandal) in the upcoming KBS drama Man of Honor, aka Round 2 for the PD and writer behind last year’s ratings titan Baker King Kim Tak-gu.

Also, it turns out that the title [영광의 재인] is a big ol’ pun on the
main characters’ names: the words meaning “man” [재인] and “honor” [영광]
are both also names, so you can read it Man of Honor, or you could read it Young-kwang’s Jae-in. Chun is Kim Young-kwang; Park is Yoon Jae-in. Get it? Get it??? I am simultaneously laughing and groaning — it’s so cheesy that it goes all the way ’round to being (sorta) funny.

It’s also a working title, so there’s always the chance it’ll change,
although frankly I want them to keep it now. It’s SO corny. It’s like
when girlfriday and I heard that Discovery of Affection (Ae-jung eui bal-gyeon, a pun on Ae-jung’s name) was being retitled the boring Best Love (Choi-go eui sarang), and were hoping that the hero’s name was Choi Go. Oh, puntastic Korea.

Chun will play baseball player Young-kwang, who used to be a hotshot
hitter on a pro league team who’s now been downgraded to second string.
He and a first-string player on his team are admitted to the hospital
after sustaining injuries, where he meets nurse’s aide Jae-in.

Not much else is given about the plot other than that it follows the
heroine as she overcomes hardships. It’s a fairly bland description, but
if we look to the producers’ previous work, I’m pretty sure we can
expect lots of dramatic twists and tense conflicts along the way. And
maybe a birth secret or ten?

Man of Honor — or, um, Young-kwang’s Jae-in, HA — will take the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot after The Princess’s Man wraps, and premieres in October.

Via Star News

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[KA] Chun Jung-myung confirmed for Man of Honor
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