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 [KA] Shin Dong-wook contracts rare illness, discharged from army

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PostSubject: [KA] Shin Dong-wook contracts rare illness, discharged from army   Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:52 pm

Shin Dong-wook contracts rare illness, discharged from army

As of this month, actor Shin Dong-wook (Soulmate, Wish Upon a Star)
was just over halfway through his two years of mandatory army duty, but
has been discharged from service due to a condition he has recently
been diagnosed with, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), which caused
a sudden onset of intense pain.

Regarding the diesase, Wikipedia sez: “Complex regional pain
syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic progressive disease characterized by severe
pain, swelling and changes in the skin. Though treatment is often
unsatisfactory, early multimodal therapy can cause dramatic improvement
or remission of the syndrome in some patients. The cause of this
syndrome is currently unknown. Precipitating factors include injury and
surgery, although there are documented cases that have no demonstrable
injury to the original site.”

According to a rep from the actor’s side, he is currently resting
after receiving his discharge on July 13. While they expect that the
disease won’t be a great hindrance in daily life, the pain caused by the
illness can be severe, and can arise out of the blue. They reportedly
didn’t want to make a big deal of the discharge, as they are well aware
of the sensitive climate with regard to draft issues. (Basically, it’s
always a sensitive climate when we’re talking about army service.)

Shin enlisted in July 2010 and is now receiving medical treatment for
his CRPS. Eeeep! I love Shin Dong-wook (being affiliated with the
wonderful Soulmate earns you a lot of love, in my book) and was
looking forward to his return to civilian life, but not via lots and
lots of debilitating pain. Hope he feels better soon.

Via TV Report

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PostSubject: Re: [KA] Shin Dong-wook contracts rare illness, discharged from army   Wed Jul 27, 2011 10:25 pm

πωπω αυτά είναι τα άτυχα τώρα. έχουν και κόλλημα με το στρατό και τις απαλλαγές οι κορεάτες φοβάμαι ότι θα τον έχουν στην μπούκα με αυτό το θέμα. Αχ τι κρίμα και τον υπερλατρεύω αυτό τον ηθοποιό. Ήταν τρομερός στο Soulmate...
Ελπίζω να το προλάβανε και να μην χειροτερεύσει η κατάσταση του...
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[KA] Shin Dong-wook contracts rare illness, discharged from army
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