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 [KM] Thriller movie Blind’s trailer and stills

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PostSubject: [KM] Thriller movie Blind’s trailer and stills   Sun Jul 17, 2011 11:44 am

Thriller movie Blind’s trailer and stills

Let’s take a look at the new movie Blind, which stars Kim Haneul (Road No. 1) and Yoo Seung-ho (Warrior Baek Dong-soo)
as two people involved in a murder case who become entangled in the
chase to capture the criminal. The movie seems like standard thriller
fare, but I’m a fan of both actors, so I’ve been looking forward to this
release since hearing about the casting.
In true Korean-melodrama fashion, one is blind, and the other has
super-duper-eyesight. No, I kid. It’s almost that dramatic, though: Kim
Haneul is blind AND a crucial “eyewitness” (har har, but also true) to a
murder case.
The case at hand is connected to a series of female students who go
missing, and a hit and run. Once the police connect that one victim was
involved in both incidents, they go in search of witnesses: Blind Su-ah
(Kim) was a former trainee at police academy and is the first witness,
who provides a minute description of the incident based on details she
picks up with her keen other senses.

But the investigation takes a turn with the arrival of witness No. 2,
Ki-sub (Yoo), who appears well into the investigation and describes a
very different scene. With his brash attitude, he counters that he’s the
one who saw it with his own two eyes. Su-ah challenges, “You’re
doubting me because I can’t see, but why don’t you doubt him?”
And then…Su-ah finds herself being stalked and threatened. Based on
the trailer below, it appears Ki-sub comes to her aid, despite their
conflicting accounts at the police station. In one pretty cool sequence,
he sees from a distance that she’s being chased and yells directions to
her via phone, allowing her to escape from her chaser. Or does she?
The main poster above reads: “One case! Two witnesses! Conflicting testimonies!” Blind opens on August 11.

More Pictures:

Via Osen
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[KM] Thriller movie Blind’s trailer and stills
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