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 [KA] Kim Nam-joo considers Ripley cameo

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PostSubject: [KA] Kim Nam-joo considers Ripley cameo   Sat Jun 25, 2011 9:47 pm

Kim Nam-joo considers Ripley cameo

When Kim Nam-joo was starring in the drama Queen of Reversals, husband Kim Seung-woo put in a cameo
— which leads to the question of whether Kim Nam-joo will return the
favor now that her husband’s starring in his own MBC drama,
Monday-Tuesday’s Miss Ripley.
She’s reportedly considering it, and has expressed her support for
his role, even if it has him engaging in kissing and bed scenes with his
co-star Lee Da-hae as the latter strategically romances the former on her way up the corporate ladder.

Kim Nam-joo said, “In order for him to embody his ‘stormy melodrama
lead’ role perfectly, I’m making him regulate his late-night snacking to
keep his sharp appearance, and putting some effort into his skincare.
On days he has early morning shoots, I get up first to prepare healthy
foods for him so he can focus on filming. He’s showing a different side
for the first time in a while, so I’m pretty excited, too.”
Despite receiving the cameo offer, Kim is taking her time thinking it over, since Miss Ripley’s got quite a serious air, particularly when contrasted with a lighter trendy like Queen of Reversals.
Cameos and pop-culture references are a lot easier to pull off in
romantic comedies, when the audience gets to smile knowingly as the show
wink-wink-nudge-nudges you with its meta jokes, but it takes a bit more
finesse to work one into a straight-up drama, particularly without
wasting the star.
I’m not sure what kind of character she could play, but I’d love to
see her regardless, especially since they’re a star couple I
particularly love seeing together.
Could she play another rival businesswoman? Ex-wifey’s older sister?
Someone who makes Miri’s life difficult, if only just for the meta
implication of Hands off my man, you scheming opportunist?

Via Osen, Star News
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[KA] Kim Nam-joo considers Ripley cameo
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