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 [KD] Stills from SBS’s Scent of a Woman

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PostSubject: [KD] Stills from SBS’s Scent of a Woman   Wed Jun 22, 2011 7:24 pm

Stills from SBS’s Scent of a Woman

Here’s our first look at SBS’s upcoming weekend series Scent of a Woman with these stills, both promotional and behind-the-scenes, starring Kim Sun-ah as an ordinary office worker who’s told she’s dying, and Lee Dong-wook as the heir to a travel company who falls for her. Lest that description scare you off right away, rest assured that this is a romantic comedy. (Although “comedy” to me means she doesn’t die in the end. Got that, drama??)

Lee Dong-wook is fresh out of the army, and not a moment too soon, since Scent of a Woman premieres just a month after his June 20 release. In fact, the drama got a bit of a reprieve because SBS has extended its preceding series, New Gisaeng Story, by two episodes, giving it one additional week. (It had originally been slated for July 16, but now takes to airwaves the following Saturday.) I say with a schedule that tight, any extra time is appreciated.

The drama actually began rehearsals before Lee’s army discharge; the script reading shots below were taken on June 7, while the farm scenes at the bottom of the page were filmed on the 11th in Ilsan, Goyang.

Lee headed straight to the studio in Kangnam after being discharged, where the cast and crew had a congratulatory cake prepared for him. Along with Lee and Kim, posing with the cake in the photo below are the two other leads, Eom Ki-joon (playing Kim’s cold doctor, who warms up because of her) and Seo Hyo-rim (as Lee’s chaebol fiancée, though the two aren’t in love, as this is an arranged marriage).

I do believe this leading pair has never looked better, and they look particularly good together. But it also helps that they’re two actors who are particularly good at generating chemistry with co-stars. And while chemistry alone can’t carry a show, it sure can elevate one to a higher level.

Scent of a Woman, produced by the writer-director pair behind the gorgeously filmed Dr. Champ, is a weekend drama — and while most weekend offerings tend to be longer shows, this one is a miniseries (yay!), clocking in at 16 episodes. It premieres July 23.


Via Chosun, Newsen
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[KD] Stills from SBS’s Scent of a Woman
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