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 [KA]Lee Min-ki is flashy and badass in Quick

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PostSubject: [KA]Lee Min-ki is flashy and badass in Quick   Sun Jun 19, 2011 6:29 pm

Lee Min-ki is flashy and badass in Quick

Man, this is the best movie trailer I’ve seen in a while. How can something that tells you so little about the movie — at least in terms of story — be so cool?

It doesn’t even show you its star’s face — and with Lee Min-ki (Chilling Romance, Haeundae) as the lead, it’s quite a pretty face at that — but it looks badass and totally entertaining, and stylish as hell.


Oh right, the story:

Quick is “speed-action blockbuster” (so, lots of fast things blowing up), whose title refers to the type of courier in Korea called “quick service delivery.” Our hero is one such courier who’s given the mission to convey a bomb within 30 minutes, which takes him through the heart of Seoul at super-high speeds.

The movie is produced by director Yoon Je-kyun, he of high-budget blockbuster mega-hit disaster movie Haeundae. So it’s not a surprise to see that Quick’s main cast has carried over from that film: aside from Lee Min-ki, there’s also Kang Ye-won (Hello Ghost) and Kim In-kwon (You’re Beautiful).

Kang gets to be the only woman in the cast, and plays a singer in a girl group who regularly uses quick delivery services due to her packed schedule. She gets caught up in the bomb terror incident and travels with Lee Min-ki on his 30-minute delivery mission.

Kim, on the other hand, plays a traffic officer, who’ll get to show off his comic chops again and sprinkle the movie with some levity. He joins in on the high-speed mission after trying to stop the others, and ends up caught up in the mayhem.

Quick is set to release on July 21.

Via No Cut News
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[KA]Lee Min-ki is flashy and badass in Quick
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