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 [KM] Blockbuster disaster movie Tower releases first stills

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PostSubject: [KM] Blockbuster disaster movie Tower releases first stills   Fri Jun 17, 2011 4:10 am

Blockbuster disaster movie Tower releases first stills

The first stills are out of blockbuster film Tower, which began filming last month and is currently deep in production. As previously mentioned, Tower is an action movie that centers around a skyscraper fire and comes to us from the director of that other anticipated summer action flick Sector 7, wherein a sea monster terrorizes the workers on an oil rig, led by Ha Ji-won.

Tower will have a different sort of action, though — less kill-the-beast, more save-lives — and stars tough leading man Sol Kyung-gu (No Mercy) as a firefighter, the gorgeous Sohn Ye-jin (Personal Taste) as a restaurant manager working within the building, and a sharp-looking Kim Sang-kyung (My Country Calls) as the building manager. When disaster strikes on Christmas Eve, people begin scrambling to save their lives from the large-scale fire raging within the tower, which sounds like it ought to be intense.

The scenes depicted in these stills are: Restaurant manager Sohn Ye-jin checks on the food in the kitchen in preparation for a large party. In another part of the building, Kim Sang-kyung makes his rounds checking the facilities as part of his team leader duties. Sol Kyung-gu arrives on the scene when help is called and gets to work.

The movie is scheduled for an August release, which just seems insane to me. I know that the Korean entertainment industry thrives on the whole practically-live-shoot-everything system, but beginning filming in May, shooting through June, doing post-production in July, and releasing in August? Sounds like mayhem for everyone involved.

Via TV Report

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[KM] Blockbuster disaster movie Tower releases first stills
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