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 [KD] Behind the scenes with City Hunter

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PostSubject: [KD] Behind the scenes with City Hunter   Tue Jun 07, 2011 7:58 pm

Behind the scenes with City Hunter

Now that City Hunter has sunk its claws into me (in
the best way, I mean), it’s time to take a look at all its news-related
tidbits till the next episode comes out. (I need my Lee Min-ho fix! Seriously, how can a person be that beautifully charismatic? It’s mesmerizing.)
First off, we have new stills teasing the romantic developments to
unfold in the upcoming episode, wherein Yoon-sung (Lee Min-ho) applies a
Band-Aid to Nana’s (Park Min-young) face. You’ll know why if you’ve seen Episode 4, when a shadowy figure (presumably Yoon-sung) saves Nana from being picked off sniper-style by his own Daddy Dearest.

I just love this brewing conflict, and particularly since Nana
doesn’t look terribly pleased to receive his care, which suggests that
he’s gotta keep his heroics under cover. So here she is, thinking he’s
some inconsiderate, careless playboy who calls her at his every whim to
drive him around, completely unaware that he’s totally smitten with her,
and just saved her life. Ahhh, this stuff KILLS ME. I love it.

Via Mk.co.kr, Newsen
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[KD] Behind the scenes with City Hunter
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