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 [KA] Yoon Kye-sang in Phungsan Dog

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PostSubject: [KA] Yoon Kye-sang in Phungsan Dog   Tue May 31, 2011 2:30 am

Yoon Kye-sang in Phungsan Dog

Fans of Yoon Kye-sang, particularly those in love with his adorably nerdy doctor in current rom-com Best Love, may be interested in seeing a wholly different side to him in his upcoming movie Phungsan Dog. It comes from director Kim Ki-duk, who just won the top prize in Cannes International Film Festival’s Un Certain Regard section for his movie Arirang.
He plays a mysterious man who travels from Seoul to Pyongyang, North
Korea, delivering messages and packages from displaced North Korean
refugees living in the South, or smuggling people from the North. The
title of the movie comes from the name of a North Korean cigarette
brand, which he smokes exclusively; it’s how Yoon’s character is
referred, since he’s unidentifiable by name or birth or any other

The movie’s plot unfolds when he receives the order to extract the girlfriend (Kim Gyu-ri)
of a high-ranking exiled North Korean official out of Pyongyang, all
within a 3-hour time frame, leading to unforeseen complications. There’s
a line in the trailer where the official notes sarcastically upon their
return, “You sure have grown attached within three hours.”
Interestingly, Yoon Kye-sang doesn’t speak a single word in the film —
which isn’t so surprising, I suppose, given that Kim Ki-duk’s riveting 3-Iron was nearly wordless as well, with lead actors Jae Hee and Lee Seung-yeon going nearly silent for its entire running time. Though we don’t see much of a dark side in Best Love,
Yoon definitely has the ability to be fierce and intense when the
occasion calls for it; I can see him commanding the screen without so
much as a line of dialogue. (And that kiss! Eep, it’s pretty damn hot.)
Phungsan Dog will open on June 23.

More pictures:

Via Mk.co.kr
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[KA] Yoon Kye-sang in Phungsan Dog
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