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 [KA] Park Shi-hoo cast as Moon Chae-won’s Romeo

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PostSubject: [KA] Park Shi-hoo cast as Moon Chae-won’s Romeo   Thu May 19, 2011 5:25 pm

Park Shi-hoo cast as Moon Chae-won’s Romeo

Well, now I HAVE TO watch this drama! Curses! Will the stream of good dramas never end? Park Shi-hoo (Queen of Reversals, Prosecutor Princess) has just been cast to be the Romeo to Moon Chae-won‘s (It’s Okay Daddy’s Girl, Brilliant Legacy) Juliet, in upcoming Joseon-era fusion-Romeo-and-Juliet-sageuk, The Princess’s Man.
Well, if there ever was a man fit for a princess, Park Shi-hoo is IT.
Did I mention how much I love that title, by the way? It’s perfectly
descriptive, and yet cheekily reverses gender roles… it’s my cuppa tea,
that title. And now with the addition of cutie patootie Park Shi-hoo,
I’m all about this tragic love affair, tears and historical jargon be

The fusion sageuk stars Moon Chae-won as headstrong and
forward-thinking Princess Se-ryung, daughter to Grand Prince Su-yang,
who is determined to be King. She falls in love with the son of his
mortal enemy, and their romance gets caught in the crossfire of her
father’s quest for the throne. It sounds as epic as epic can be, which
if done right, might be sweeping, romantic, and the good kind of
PD Kim Jung-min (Loving You a Thousand Times) and head writer Jo Jung-ju (Partner) will be at the helm.
I adore Moon Chae-won to pieces, because she’s got that instantly
likeable, approachable persona, and she can carry melodrama quite well. I
think the pairing might be amazing, which is exciting for both leads
because they’re in that category for me of actors who have it in them to
be higher up in the ranks, but have yet to fully break out. They’re
both on the cusp, and need leading roles in a mega-hit, and it’s
possible that with the Romeo and Juliet in the Joseon-era premise, this
might be the ticket.
The Princess’s Man premieres on KBS in July, following Romance Town on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Via Osen
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[KA] Park Shi-hoo cast as Moon Chae-won’s Romeo
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